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StateCityProgramInterview Date
CALos AngelesUCLA Medical Center12/17/13
CALos AngelesUCLA Medical Center01/07/14
CALos AngelesUCLA Medical Center01/14/14
CAStanfordStanford University01/21/14
FLGainesvilleUniversity of Florida01/23/14
FLGainesvilleUniversity of Florida01/24/14
FLGainesvilleUniversity of Florida01/31/14
GAAugustaMedical College of Georgia01/10/14
GAAugustaMedical College of Georgia01/24/14
GAAugustaMedical College of Georgia01/31/14
GAAugustaMedical College of Georgia02/07/14
IAIowa CityUniversity of Iowa12/12/13
IAIowa CityUniversity of Iowa01/16/14
IAIowa CityUniversity of Iowa01/23/14
ILChicagoUniversity of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago12/11/13
ILChicagoUniversity of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago01/08/14
ILSpringfieldSouthern Illinois University01/03/14
ILSpringfieldSouthern Illinois University01/17/14
ILSpringfieldSouthern Illinois University01/24/14
ILSpringfieldSouthern Illinois University01/31/14
INIndianapolisIndiana University12/11/13
INIndianapolisIndiana University01/08/14
INIndianapolisIndiana University01/22/14
MABostonBoston University01/15/14
MABostonBoston University01/22/14
MABostonHarvard Medical School01/10/14
MABostonHarvard Medical School01/14/14
MAWorcesterUniversity of Massachusetts01/13/14
MAWorcesterUniversity of Massachusetts01/17/14
MAWorcesterUniversity of Massachusetts01/25/14
MDBaltimoreJohns Hopkins University01/08/14
MDBaltimoreJohns Hopkins University01/11/14
MIAnn ArborUniversity of Michigan12/14/13
MNRochesterMayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester)12/09/13
MNRochesterMayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester)01/06/14
MNRochesterMayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester)01/10/14
MNRochesterMayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester)01/13/14
MNRochesterMayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester)01/17/14
MNRochesterMayo Graduate School of Medicine (Rochester)01/20/14
MOSt LouisSt Louis University School of Medicine01/09/14
MOSt LouisSt Louis University School of Medicine01/30/14
MOSt LouisWashington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium12/07/13
MOSt LouisWashington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium01/11/14
NJCamdenUMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson (Camden)01/24/14
NYRochesterUniversity of Rochester01/24/14
NYRochesterUniversity of Rochester01/29/14
OHCincinnatiUniversity of Cincinnati/University Hospital12/19/13
OHCincinnatiUniversity of Cincinnati/University Hospital01/16/14
OHCincinnatiUniversity of Cincinnati/University Hospital01/23/14
ORPortlandOregon Health & Science University01/10/14
ORPortlandOregon Health & Science University01/24/14
PAPhiladelphiaUniversity of Pennsylvania01/09/14
PAPhiladelphiaUniversity of Pennsylvania01/16/14
PAPhiladelphiaUniversity of Pennsylvania01/23/14
RIProvidenceBrown Medical School01/10/14
RIProvidenceBrown Medical School01/25/14
RIProvidenceBrown Medical School01/30/14
SCCharlestonMedical University of South Carolina12/14/13
SCCharlestonMedical University of South Carolina01/11/14
TXDallasUniversity of Texas Southwestern (DALLAS)12/12/13
TXDallasUniversity of Texas Southwestern (DALLAS)12/16/13
TXDallasUniversity of Texas Southwestern (DALLAS)01/09/14
TXGalvestonUniversity of Texas Medical Branch01/30/14
TXGalvestonUniversity of Texas Medical Branch01/31/14
TXHoustonBaylor College of Medicine01/24/14
TXHoustonBaylor College of Medicine01/25/14
WIMadisonUniversity of Wisconsin01/07/14
WIMadisonUniversity of Wisconsin01/11/14
WIMadisonUniversity of Wisconsin01/14/14
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